Scenic tour

The Queen's Tomb

The Queen's Tomb is also a "Huang Chang Ti Cou" tomb and was relocated to Yangzhou City together with Guangling King's Tomb. After relocation, the Queen's Tomb is 50m east of Guangling King's Tomb. The two tombs form a joint tomb.

Underground Palace of Gangling King

Guangling King's Tomb is featured by complex structure, careful layout, and grand scale, and is one of the rare "Huang Chang Ti Cou" timber-chambered tombs in Han Dynasty that are well preserved. Huang Chang Ti Cou, a special type of tomb, is an integral part of imperial tombs.

Guangling Tide

This exhibition hall shows the splendid history and culture of Yangzhou in Han Dynasty and the affinity story of the first princess Liu Xijun. In Han Dynasty Guangling Tide was magnificent that “bird was too late to fly and the fish was too late to swim away”. Therefore, "Guangling Tide" was used to describe the economic and cultural boom of Yangzhou in Han Dynasty.

Fenggusi Pavilion

Fenggusi Pavilion, located in Xishan Mountain, is an ideal place to take a closer look at the ancient city of Han and Tang Dynasties in the sunset and a distant view of majestic Yangzhou, a modern city. The pavilion is next to the city moat and the ancient Departure Bridge. The contrasting views of the ancient city and modern city may inspire deep feelings in visitors. 

Brick-chambered Tomb with Portraits of the Southern Dynasties

The tomb was discovered in early Sept. 2012 at the construction site of Guofang Road by Yangzhou Institute of Archaeology. This is the second brick-chambered tomb with the portraits of the Southern Dynasties that has been discovered in Yangzhou City, and the portraits in the tomb have deep religious meanings.